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Reneesme Portland-Swot


Hi, I am Reneesme Portland-Swot. I live over six and a half year in second life. I am a model, blogger and photographer. Earlier I designed some dressed, but my passion is more to shot fashion pictures or lovely snapshots and blog some stylings. But the biggest and successful moment in my life are my family. Wiwi and my daughter Anastasia Luca are my love and all I give. It’s beautiful to take pictures with them both as my models.
Next to be a full time Mommy and Wife, I love to shop and to create new stylings at home or fashion outfits. This is a part of it I share in my blog. I hope you like it.


Wiwi Portland-Swot


Hi, I am Wiwi Portland-Swot. I live in second life for more than 10 years now. I love the creative side of this world. I always enjoyed being creative and fashion and design has always been my passion. I am very happy that there is someone I can share my passion with. Our small family, our home and our studio is where I want to be. My love belongs to my beautiful wife Reneesme and i’m very happy having her on my side. We created this blog to show you a few special items and I hope you like it